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Small Engine Exhaust Solutions

Nelson Global Products, Inc. offers the industry’s best solutions for small engine exhaust. Using the latest design and manufacturing techniques, these products provide superior exhaust noise reduction and environmental protection. Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) can count on these products for performance, durability and reliability.

Standard Round Mufflers –
Residential Grade Mufflers (18-25 dBA Sound Reduction)

• Good Sound Reduction at Value Price
• High Temperature Black Paint

• Portable Generators
• Miscellaneous Construction Equipment








Critical Mufflers (25-35 dBA Sound Reduction)

• Superior Sound Reduction and Tonal Quality
• Internal Glass-Packed Resonators
• High Temperature Black Paint

• RV Generators
• Miscellaneous Construction Equipment


Standard Round Muffler Accessories –

  • Straight Tail Pipe
  • 45° Tail Pipe
  • 90° Tail Pipe
  • Spark Arrester
  • Band Clamp
  • U-Bolt Clamp
  • Body Clamp















Single Inlet Round Muffler Accessories –

  • U-Channel Bracket
  • Heat Shield, Slotted
  • Heat Shield, No Slots







Exhaust System Selection
1. Refer to the chart below for proper muffler selection based on the engine horsepower.

2. Select muffler body size that will not exceed the allowable back pressure limit of the engine.

3. If a screen spark arrester is needed, allow for a 0.5″ Hg increase in back pressure due to the addition of the spark arrester.

4. If lower back pressure is need, select a muffler from the next larger body size.

5. Decide whether Residential Grade or Critical Grade silencing is needed.

6. Critical Grade mufflers provide additional sound reduction and improved tonal quality.

7. Choose the inlet-outlet configuration that works best for your application.

8. Refer to previous charts to select the proper muffler.

9. Choose muffler accessories based on the dimensions shown in the previous charts. Match tail pipe size to the muffler outlet size for proper silencing & back pressure.

10. Application testing is needed to verify applicability to any specific engine model due to differences in engine exhaust flow, exhaust system geometry, accessories and engine back pressure specifications.

11. An exhaust manifold is needed to route the exhaust from the engine to the muffler. These can be obtained from the engine manufacturer or custom designed for your application.

12. Mufflers for generators may also be selected based on kWe and kVA ratings shown on the previous charts. Ratings for kWe and kVA assume a 65% generator efficiency and a 90% power factor.


Exhaust System Support
13. Standard mufflers are designed to be supported by body clamps or cradles.

14. Do not support the muffler by the inlet tube only.

15. Long tail pipes and add-on packed resonators may require additional support.

16. Endurance testing on the application is needed to verify proper exhaust system support.

Application Testing
1. Exhaust systems need application testing before being released for production.

2. Testing is recommended to verify performance for:
a. Sound level & sound quality
b. Exhaust back pressure
c. Engine power
d. Exhaust emissions/Engine certification
e. Engine, exhaust system & application temperatures
f. Endurance
g. Spark arresting- if required

3. High temperature black paint can withstand surface temperatures up to 1000 °F (538 °C).

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